(Retreat for Teens 9 to 18 years)
This retreat is meant for teenagers, in order to build-up a morally enriched life, with the commitment to Christ and society. Besides, this retreat helps students to attain self-confidence and enthusiasm in their studies. Students under the age group between 9-18 could attend this retreat. Here we also highlight how to live in purity and to live with dignity in human life, with the aid of sacramental ceremonies and Holy Masses. Classes by various resourceful personalities and spiritual services by the priests constitute the major part of these retreats. In Christeen Retreat (English) the retreat for teens will be in English and for parents in Malayalam.

Upcoming Christeen - 2019:

1.July 09-12

2. August 06-10

3. September 08-12

4. October

5. November

6. December


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