What is \'Christeen\'?

What is \'Christeen\'?

What is 'Christeen'?

Christeen is a Catholic charismatic service, which came into existence a few decades ago through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to guide our children, whom God has given us as a precious gift. The word “Christeen” is a combination of two words –Christ and Teen. Ms. Marykytty PV, a college teacher by profession, pioneered the founding of Christeen in association with Biju Thomas and Santhosh Thomas. As she discerned her vocation to start a ministry for children, she resigned her job and dedicated her whole life for this ministry organizing, preaching, and leading youth and children in India and many countries around the world.


As we reflect on the steady growth of Christeen’s lay ministry amidst many challenges, we felt that it was very similar to how God led Israel in the desert. Thirty years ago, Christeen began its services in a thatched tent in the property of Thomas family. It was a low-lying flood-prone area and that was all we could afford at that time. Our resources were meagre, but our spirit, devotion, and passion were sky-high. Conducting programs for children in the extreme heat and torrential rain always tested our tenacity, but our spirit and God’s grace prevailed. The spiritual fruits of our programs and transformative impact on children prompted generous support of time, treasure and talent from benefactors near and afar. Thanks to such overwhelming support, we have today a Retreat Center that can accommodate up to thousand participants under one roof.  By the grace of God, the expansion of the facility and programs are continuing. Halleluiah! 

The growth of Christeen ministry has been nothing but miraculous. Our prayers were joined by thousands and we could experience the timely intervention of the right resources and people to help us grow.  Holy Spirit moved many in their hearts to give land, building, sound system, and other materials that helped us and continue to help today to run our ministries. Many came forward to support the ministries with whatever little they had. God rewarded them generously. We have dormitories for boys and girls, multiple retreat halls, and a large canteen for facilitating simultaneous programs at any given point of time. 

Besides Christeen Programmes, we extend our facilities for other groups who subscribe to the Christeen Mission to conduct their Retreat Programmes.  The infrastructure God has entrusted to us is open for all who are engaged in similar ministries. Our objective is to empower other Christian groups and lay ministries to enhance their power to expand the Kingdom of God.