What is \'Christeen\'?

What is \'Christeen\'?

What is 'Christeen'?

'CHRISTEEN' is the name of our Ministry, which means 'Christ + Teens'. 

It is a ministry for 

Evangelization of Pre-Teens, Teens and Parents through various formation programmes and retreats. 

People who inspired and supported 'Christeen' 

Rev. Fr. Gino Henriques CSsR (Presently International Director, World Evangelization-2033) took the initiate to train a group of youth for different ministries in the beginning of 1980. He encouraged Christeen Ministries Director Ms. P.V. Marykutty and sent her to the first international school of formators training for evangelization in the Philippines in the year 1990. 

The support and guidance Fr. Gino gave was the first step to start a Local School of Evangelization in Kerala. Some young leaders who were trained by Fr. Gino joined Christeen to form a committed team for working among the teenagers. 

His Eminence (late) Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil, (late) Msgr. Peter Urallil, Rev. Fr. James Manjakkal MSFS, Msgr. Dr. Jose Navez were the other persons who gave us tremendous moral and spiritual support for the ministry. 


In the year 1980, CHRISTEEN began visiting and praying with a group of children in a slum. It produced a lot of fruits and encouraged us to reach out to more children in the parishes and schools. The outcome was very encouraging. The character and behaviour of children became better. The academic result became promising. Their relationship with God and other people became firmly fixed, broken relationships were healed. 

These children became a good witness for others. More schools and parishes were asking for 'Christeen' programme. We felt the need of having more leaders to conduct evangelization programme among children. 

As per Fr. Gino directed, we organised the first 'School of Evangelization', in Kerala with 30 participants from different dioceses. They are still in the field. Now the need is more and every year we organise three Animators Training Programmes. We train at least 300 leaders every year. They go to their own places and do evangelise the children in schools and parishes.