CHRISTEEN RETREATS (English)- May 30 (5 PM) - JUNE 02 (5 PM); June 06 (5 PM) - JUNE 09 (5 PM); June 13 (5 PM) - JUNE 16 (5 PM)

CHRISTEEN RETREATS (ക്രിസ്റ്റീന്‍ കുടുംബധ്യാനം) April 04-08, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29; May 02-06, 09-13, 16-20, 23-27

PROGONOS (ത്രിത്വൈക സൗഖ്യ ‌ധ്യാനം) May 07-10, April 04-07, May 02-05.


CHRISTEEN, which means Christ + Teens (Teenagers for Christ) is a Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement aimed at the total development of the children of all ages. It is a Ministry for Evangelization of Pre-Teens, Teens and Parents through various foundation programmes and retreats.

CHRISTEEN bloomed into being with a deep God experience we received through the Charismatic Renewal during the second half of 1970.


CHRISTEEN try to see life from a child's point of view. CHRISTEEN see life as a journey. The beauty of a creation is its innate connection with the creator- the God. At CHRISTEEN all efforts and energy are given in preserving, sheltering and nurturing this relationship with God, so that as they proceed in the journey of life they will always realise that they are accompanied by Abba Father, Jesus their Saviour and the Holy Spirit. We are convinced that if children have this Trinitarian relationship, their life journey will become successful and reaches Heaven, the final destination.



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