General Coordinator, Christeeen MESSAGE


Br. Biju Thomas

General Coordinator, Christeeen

The blind and the lame came to Jesus and they were cured. Seeing the miraculous signs, even the small children sang shouting Hosanna. The high priest and the Pharisees got angry over this and they asked Jesus, “Don’t you see what these children are doing?” (Mat. 21: 14 -16) 
The babies and infants praised Jesus and sang Hosanna when they witnessed the miracles. Even children today have the same courage and enthusiasm to do so. After my experience with children for the past 25 years, I am still surprised at the fact that the children are channels for bringing their families to a God- experience. “God makes a wall of protection by the praises that come from the mouth of babes and infants” (Ps.8:2). Jesus is inviting children to be in company with him and he wants all of us to be like the innocent children. Children are always a sign of God’s promise and His kingdom. (Matt 19: 13 – 15)


We have to renew the Pentecost experience bringing about a new reawakening all over the world.

Let us pray and work for the realization of it.