‘CHRISTEEN’ is committed to the cause of helping teenagers and kids in their integral development, giving special attention to their spiritual and social needs. We try to fulfil this mission through different activities such as: 

Retreats: which help children and their parents to discover themselves and to build a proper relationship with God and others. Today more than 7 Million, including Children and Parents spreading over 32 countries across the globe, have been experienced God through 'CHRISTEEN' Retreats. 

Personality development programmes: which enable them to develop self-awareness and to identify their talents thus to make use of the gifts that God had bestowed upon them; .

Print & Visual Media: Though various Print and Visual Media platforms we try to bring the message of Jesus to Children. 'CHRISTEEN' publishes various Magazines and books for ongoing Christian formation. We also print Notices, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Brochures and News Letters for the effective propogation of the World of God. 

Free Spiritual Guidance: for spiritual, personal growth and value orientation in life. 


Christeen Resource Persons: 

‘CHRISTEEN’ strength lies in a committed group of Resource Persons, working hard to realise the mission of the ministry. We have today more than 60 full-timers whose services vary from preaching to counselling, apart from an equal number of volunteer staff. Foundational retreats are arranged in schools, colleges and parishes. 

To enliven the sessions and drive the message deeper, we use skits, music, video presentation, testimonies etc. 

Christeen Ministry in other countries 

From 1997 onwards we started going abroad for the mission among children. We could spread the message of Jesus into 32 countries covering five continents. We were able to train animators in most of these countries we have reached out. Countries like UK, Austria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Singapore and Gulf region are able to do the mission among the children by themselves. 

Christeen opened its overseas chapters in USA- Christeen USA, and Austria- Christeen Austria also.