[യേശുനാമം സൗഖ്യധ്യാനം]

Team: Bro. Joyson Wadakanchery and team, Intercession for India (IFI) Mission, Thrissur
Retreat Type : Family, Inner Healing Service
A 48 hours Weekend Retreat at Christeeeen Retreat Centre, Kalathipady,   Kottayam
Weekend Retreat starts on 4 PM Friday which comes before second Saturday and ends 4 PM on Sunday.
Upcoming Yesunamam Soukya Dhyanam - 2021:
Not Scheduled
For more details:
(Team) 9744470845, 9846914158, 7025445156, 9383452969, 0487-2325574
(Christeen) 9495000245, 9495000244, 9495000243


(ആരാധനാ അഭിഷേക ധ്യാനം)

Team : Br. Manoj (Samaria Ministry, Kottayam)
Retreat Type : Family, Inner Healing
A Retreat that reconnects you with God with His unconditional Love and with His Gifts of Holy Spirit and Deliverance. This Christ-centered life-giving retreat enables us to know the glory of the Holy Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ who has his life to save his beloved people from all sins.
Upcoming Aradhana Abhisheka Retreats - 2021:
Not Scheduled
For Details:
(Team): Ph: 9744604301 (Br. Manoj), 9745114765 (Br. Jaison)
(Christeen): Ph:  9495000245, 9495000244, 9495000243


(ആന്തരിക സൗഖ്യ ധ്യാനം)

Team : Br. Saji Thacherukunnel (Rosa Mistic Ministry)
Retreat Type : Family, Inner Healing Service
Upcoming Antharika Sawkya Dhyanam 2021:
Not scheduled.
For more details:
(Team): Br. Saji- 9526000590
(Christeen): 9495000245, 9495000244, 9495000243


(ദൈവസ്നേഹാഭിഷേക ധ്യാനം)

Team:  Bro. Kunjachan,  Bethsatha Ministry, Kanjirapally
Retreat Type : Family, Inner Healing Service
A powerful Spiritual Retreat by name "Deiva Sneha Abhisheka Dyanam" (God's Love and Anointing Retreat). Hundreds of people attend this retreat in Christeen Retreat Center at Kottayam and experience the Bliss and Peace of God's Love. 
Upcoming Deiva Sneha Abhisheka Dyanam - 2021:
Not Scheduled
For more details: 
(Team): Br. Kunjachan - 9037782699, Br. Joby - 7025257827
(Christeen) 9495000245, 9495000244, 9495000243


(പന്തക്കുസ്താനുഭവ ധ്യാനം)

Team : Br. Bibin Johny (Mary Matha Ministry)
Retreat Type : Family, Inner Healing Service
Penthakostha Anubhava Dhyanam (Pentecost [Holy Spirit] Experiencing Retreat) by Bro. Bibin Johny of Mary Matha Ministries is being conducted at Christeen Retreat Center, Kalathipady, Kottayam, Kerala.
Bro. Bipin Johny is a young and devoted Charismatic leader with a zeal for spreading the Word of God and healing the body and soul of people.
Those who wish to participate in a retreat and experience the anointing of the Holy Spirit may contact any of these numbers for more details: 
Upcoming Pentecosta Anubhava Dhyanam 2021:
Not scheduled
For more details:
(Team): Br. Tibin- 9605960393
(Christeen): 9495000245, 9495000244, 9495000243


(പരിശുദ്ധാത്മാഭിഷേക ധ്യാനം)

A powerful Healing and Deliverance Service and Retreat conducted by Bro. Sabu Aaruthottiyil and team (King Jesus Ministry, Kanjirappilly) under the spiritual leadership of Rev. Fr. Abraham Kadiakkuzhiyil.
Bro. Sabu Aruthottiyil is one of the leading Evangelists of this time. He is an ardent Catholic Christian Minister hailing from the Kanjirapally Diocese in Kerala, with a burning passion for glorifying the Holy and Mighty Name and Word of God. Acknowledging his faith and fidelity, God has blessed him with the power of HIS Holy Spirit to heal the sick, liberate the bonded and cast out evil forces. Various serious diseases of body, mind and soul are cured here instantly before thousands of people that are rejected and termed as 'impossible' by the medical science. Numerous people without any religious discrimination attend retreat, experience Divine touch and receive countless blessings. 
The retreat starts at 11.00 AM and ends at 12.30 PM, next Thursday.
Retreat Fee: Adults- Rs. 800, includes dormitory accommodation and all meals. Children between 3 to 8 years old: Rs. 700.
Those who desire to avail family accommodation / room facility need to pay extra amount.
Upcoming Parishudhathmabhisheka Retreat - 2021:
Not Scheduled
For more details and on-line reservation:
Ph- 9495000245, 9495000244, 9495000243


ക്രിസ്തുവില്‍ പുതുജീവിത ധ്യാനം (ഏക രക്ഷകന്‍)
Team: Team Eeka Rekshakan
Lead by: Rev. Fr. Thomas Parackal (Good Shepherd Minor Seminary, Pala), Bro. Jomichan Poovthinkal, Bro. Joby Thomas, Br. Joby Scaria., Kanjirapally.
Retreat Type : Family, Inner Healing Service
A powerful Spiritual Retreat by name " CHRISTUVIL PUTHU JEEVITHA RETREAT " (New life in Jesus Christ). 
Starts at 4.00 PM and ends  at 1.00 PM.
Retreat fee: Rs. 750.
Upcoming Christuvil Puthu Jeevitha Retreats 2021:
Not Scheduled
For more details: 
(Team): 9746940365
(Christeen) 9495000245, 9495000244, 9495000243