Walking with God

" My name is Beata Joseph and I am writing this letter to give a feedback on the Christeen Retreat held in Kuwait., in March 2017. I am studying in 12th class and I am born in the year 2000. Christeen Retreat helped me to understand and experience my God in a better way. On the first day I liked the music, and songs sang by Fr. Anoop CSsR, and it was like an energy boost. Shobha teacher helped me by listening to my personal problems. She was really a wonderful instrument in the hands of Jesus to make me believe that God is watching over me at all times. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for the messages which was so relevant to my life. The first days sessions gave me the grace and courage to ask forgiveness to people whom I hated. I could strengthen my relationship with my parents, brothers and friends. God is waiting for all of us to be united with Him in Love. I thank God for Marykutty teacher for bringing Christeen team to Kuwait . Second day I had school, so I came late and shortly we had lunch time but I was not feeling to eat so I started to pray Hail Mary and after sometime as I was praying I started to get the smell of jasmine flower….I first doubted it as my imagination but later I went to meet Shoba sister again and she reassured me that it was the presence of Mother Mary…… Third day was the most important day in my life ,and I asked Jesus to give me just one thing and on that day he gifted me that gift ,i.e,TRUE FAITH IN HIM. That video of Jesus’s suffering during the way of the cross made me realise the amount of pain Jesus suffered for me…and from that moment I started crying and there was a pain in my heart as someone was poking it with a spear….during confession I coudn’t say anything at first as I coudn’t control my tears and after a good confession I felt so pure inside that just cant express through words. It has been some days after the retreat but still I am experiencing Jesus in every second of my life. I am confused as now I am seeing many visions of Jesus walking with me,of heaven, angels ,saints …during rosary time I can feel Mother Mary walking inside my house and protecting my family. From the bottom of my heart I thank God for giving me such a nice experience through the Christeen retreat team. May God bless all of you so that you can give God to many other people."

With love ,
Beata Joseph

A Dream Child

"My name is Josephin. I was working as a non teaching staff in a college at Kottayam, Kerala. I was married for eight years at that time and was very sad for not having a child. I took a lot of treatment and everything was in vain. Around thirty years ago Miss. P.V. Marykutty came for B.Ed course in to this college. We became good friends. I used to share my feelings and sadness to her. She promised to support me with prayer. She gave me hope through her conversation. I started praying with hope.
During this time Marykutty had a dream that I am getting a baby. One day I was going to the church with my co- sister. While crossing the road Marykutty called me to share her dream about me. She convinced me that it is a message from God and I should co-operate with God. I was astonished by the message and stood there forgetting everything. My co- sister came to help me cross the road again. I told her about the dream and message. She suggested me to attend a retreat. As a preparation to accept the baby I attended a retreat . Very soon I conceived and gave birth to a baby boy on 31st October. I called him Marian. Now he has finished his degree course and doing well with another short term professional Course.
Now I am sure that God will answer all our prayers. During the retreat I was praying for all those couples who are longing to have a child."

With love ,